The Orchid Botanical Garden of Soroa, a Natural and Incomparable Cuban Treasure

For centuries orchids have fascinated the world and are considered by many as the most beautiful flowers, which contrast with the simplicity and its colors.

The Orchid Botanical Garden of Soroa offers a stunning vision of Cuba. There, over 700 species of orchids hanging from the trees provide an unforgettable visual spectacle. It is a National Heritage, located in the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra del Rosario, which is part of the Cordillera de Guaniguanico.

There you will approach to the greatest biodiversity and landscape of Western Cuba. In this area you will find 130 species of orchids in Cuba. They can be seen in the wild, or in shade houses protected from excessive sunlight and air. Among them are included the Chocolate Orchid and Black Orchid.


Also, the garden has 6 000 species of other ornamental plants, trees and flowers that represent the national flora from various countries. The Garden combines ecotourism environmental education for travelers during their Cuba holidays as well as to the locals.

The variety of birds and the richness of the landscape make this Garden a constant place to visit for enthusiastic tourists who love photography. Most wild orchids found in the area are on the trail called Forest to the Sea. This was designed to show areas of high biodiversity in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula of about 100 kilometers long and wide oscillating from 6 to 24 kilometers.

The creation of the garden dates back to 1943 when Tomas Felipe Camacho, a wealthy lawyer from the Canary Islands and a member

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Go For a Recognized Garden Design Course to Get Instant Career Opportunities

Among the many lucrative careers that are much in demand at the moment, a garden designer job is considered as one of the hottest. Increasing environmental concern has forced people to develop gardens around their houses, business establishments and industrial premises.  Governments too have intensified their fervor to make cities and towns greener and more picturesque by developing parks, landscapes, and public gardens. This has given rise to the demand for more garden designers as they are required to be deployed in the above projects.  A garden design course essentially generates the garden designers needed to meet this demand.

Institutions specially dedicated to teaching the nuances of garden design to willing students have appeared in quite a number and are already churning out a number of garden designers to meet the above demand. What is garden design anyway? It is the art of designing beautiful gardens and the procedures and methods used to create them. Garden design involves garden plans, landscapes, layouts and planting to create tasteful gardens.  Garden design is usually undertaken by the owner himself or a learned professional who has gained mastery over the task of garden design by studies, courses, training and expertise gained over years of practice. The outcome of any garden design project will depend on the exemplary skills of the garden designer. The basic rules pertaining to garden design are applied whether it is executed by a novice or an expert professional. Garden designers use these basic tools and formulas to transform the ideas

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Rare And Exotic Garden Perennials For Landscape Planting

The term, ‘perennial plant’, means simply that the plant returns following severe freezes, to grow again the next year. Trees are cold hardy tested perennials by nature, some trees that are evergreens and do not go dormant, but merely slow down during various seasons, and other shade trees enter dormancy and shed the leaves. Tree growth of shade trees may stop altogether in extremely cold climates, but in the spring, will surge with buds that open to flower and leaf out.

Great difficulties arise in assigning a plant, ‘perennial’, mainly because the primary determining factor, temperature range varies from year to year; and every century extreme cold temperatures may erase certain plant populations that have survived in areas before for decades or sometimes even centuries. A perennial plant may be a survivor, thus a “perennial” for a given growing area, then suddenly may become extinct in that growing area. The USDA has constructed a zone map that reveals averages of temperatures reached by the location in your State. This map is a nursery tool used to predict whether a perennial will live (cold hardy) in your area.

Agaves are a diverse genus of over 200 species of rosette, spear-like, leafed evergreen perennials. Agave typically grows as low shrub-like plants in dry or well-drained soils of the Southern part of the U.S. from New Jersey down to Florida, and then West to California. Many Agave species, such as Agave americana or Agave tequilana, have sharp recurved, protective teeth running along both sides of

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Rocks Garden Landscape Ideas

Rock gardens are a fantastic method of adding unique shapes and textures of rocks and garden landscape ideas that provide a natural feel to your backyard or yard decorating. The combination of rocks, flowers and plants is an inexpensive way to boost the beauty of your rock garden design.Rock gardens are creative reflection of wonderful mountainous scenes that you can enjoy everyday right at an office. Various plants and flowerscomplement and enrich the neutral, calm and timeless environment developed by rocks in gardens.

Beautiful rock gardens are extremely attractive when they harmoniously fit in backyard, yard or garden landscape ideas. Garden rocks in poorly designed rock gardens lifeless and unattractive. Beautiful rock garden design is definitely an art, so a beginner ought to learn the basics of how to design an outdoor with rocks, plants and flowers.Formal rock gardens emphasize your home exterior design and architectural features. Beautiful rock garden design make backyard, yard or garden look more harmonious and balanced, turning natural landscape right into a work of art.

Formal rock gardens may include only green plants or colorful flowers and plants that bring life to rock garden landscape ideas and provide a more natural look to rocks garden setting.Natural rock garden designs look informal and natural with wild flowers and plants that grow in free style. Decorative flowers and plants can be added to the natural garden design, which makes it brighter and more colorful.

How you can design a garden

Before you design a rock garden, assess the potential of your

How to Build a Sustainable Water Fountain for Your Garden

A water fountain can add a wonderful touch to your garden. It creates a focal point, can be a spectacular hardscape and heightens the sense of calmness. Water fountains in Sydney are great ways to accentuate your garden decoration, whether you have a big or small garden, you can always introduce a decent fountain in the landscape. Moreover, you can water freshwater aquatic plants in it, or add decorative rocks in Melbourne, or even install a customised statue.

Creating your Outdoor Garden Water Fountain:


  • Planning for the installation is an important step. Consider the area where you want to install your fountain. It is important to create a symmetry how you can create a semblance in the landscape. The size of your garden will determine how large you want to build your fountain.
  • Installing a heavy fountain could be a tough task, especially if you plan to move it your deck, or in the rooftop garden. Plan the weight of your fountain and bear in mind the capacity of the surface to hold weight of the fountain.
  • Figure it out how to install power filter into the fountain and power it. Solar power filters are quite useful in garden area but these are expensive and demand sunny days to work efficiently. You can build an electric wire system from your house to the garden.
  • Purchase a fountain with overflow mechanism because in the rainy season it is probable that your fountain could overflow and your plants and fish could spill out. The overflow mechanism will
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Enjoying the Beauty of Landscape Design New York City

Landscape design New York City is excellent way to transform the backyard and front of your home into elegant one. There are a number of designs and ideas which add to variety to your garden as well as color. Sculpting the landscape and selecting the right plants, foliage and other materials, the homemakers may easily hide their unappealing driveway. Apart from this, you may also add dimension to your yard with hanging flower baskets and lofty planters to enhance the beauty of your outdoors.

Availing the best services of garden designers

To decorate your outdoors, the homemaker avail the excellent services of garden designers. There are plenty of designers which are available online and offer their best services at highly competitive rates. They plan blue print, install foliage, lovely plants and other materials which are essential for landscape designs.

Creating paradise in your yard

The homemakers can create a wonderful garden paradise in their yard with intersecting trails, exciting panoramas, meandering streams, landscape design New York City, small hideaways where you may enjoy various drinks and delicious foods with your friends and family.

Maintaining and adding fragrance to your lawn

To maintain the beauty of your front lawns and gardens, you may get rid of weeds, inspect plants regularly, stone paved pathway and intricate lawn designs. Well-designed and executed landscaping ideas may also complement your home’s aesthetic and look.  Right plants, shrubbery, foliage and flowers may greatly improve appeal and also provide fragrance to your yard.

Here, we will give ideas about landscape designs New York City

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Emerging Lawn Care Brands, For The Love of Beauty

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Where there is nature there is peace. More and more people are investing immensely on making their homes a place of tranquility, one they would never want a break home. Making their gardens and landscapes a spot similar to that of vacations. Beautiful art has taken over traditional ways to maintain gardens and parks with new techniques that ensure future fertility and greenery. Lawn care and landscaping has now made its mark in the list of world’s most potential business forming a double digit million figure for lawn care professional employments. With improvement in the business growth around the globe, it has triggered many entrepreneurs and investors to bet their money in this business idea.

Many start-ups and existing organizations are moving head to head to win over demanding customers with services matching their demands.  With this buzz it is very difficult for the new ones or the traditional ones to make their presence prominent. To have a dominant existence you must make your identity distinctive from others and apparently that is the only way to beat your competitors and win leads. Design a brand that makes your image appear unique and powerful for your clients to trust your ideas and promises. Most importantly, your Landscaping logo design must be a figure of commitment and trustworthiness. In short, design a brand that convinces your clientele that you are the lawn care experts that they need.