New Look Landscape Garden Designs in Time for a Fresh British Summer

g3As summer starts to approach, slowly but inexorably peeking its leaves and shoots out of the branches of trees that have lain bare all winter, the nation’s home owners start thinking about their gardens and outside spaces again. Now is the time of year to think about overhauling – to get landscape garden designs created and in place before planting time is gone.

With plenty of UK families now staying put, enjoying the benefits of their current surroundings rather than moving on in search of new ones, there are more garden overhauls going on than there used to be. That means plenty of inspirati0on and plenty of encouragement: so if your garden is looking a little tired, it’s time to get out and have a look at what you could have.

A garden, like a room, could and should be an extension of your lifestyle – your habits, your hobbies, your obsessions – even places you have been to and loved. If you’ve had a life changing experience travelling the world, or doing voluntary work somewhere, there’s no reason why you can’t have a set of landscape garden designs drawn up to incorporate some of the atmosphere of the countries you have been to in the layout of your garden. Try introducing a Japanese feel with cherry trees and smooth gravel spaces: or how about recreating an Italian rose garden along the driveway?

The possibilities for landscape

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How to Implement Eco Friendly Features in Landscape Gardening

g22Landscaping is all about improving the natural beauty of a piece of land using different combination of plants and creating an organic garden. Landscaping gardening can be done using different types of garden and you can perform a number of things to improve the height, size and the beauty of the garden according to different style and taste.

By using organic and eco friendly gardening techniques, one can easily save a lot of money. In addition, using these organic techniques can make save the environment and make it a healthier place to live in. The outdoor of any residential or commercial building is a prime location and one can easily show their commitment of developing a green building that is beautiful, stunning and need less maintenance too.

The first thing you need to do is select the plants that you will want in your landscape garden. You need to find the right plants and think about the chemicals that you will be using. Many people when creating a garden make the mistake of picking plant solely on their beauty and without giving a though to its maintenance cost. One needs to understand that maintaining plants can be quite expensive and takes time to care for them in the right manner. Drought tolerant plants are the best for different climate conditions. Apart from these, you need to pick plants that are native to the area where you

Innovative Garden Design and Landscape Design Services By Fox Mowing

g1A beautifully designed and landscaped garden is the pride of any home owner. Achieving this may present a challenge to first time gardeners or hobbyists who may or may not have the skills, the tools or the time. This is where Fox Mowing can step in. Fox Mowing AUS is a group of people who are passionate about lawn care and gardening providing innovative garden design and landscape design services in Australia.

Your garden and landscape design must reflect your interests and needs, it should also be practical and useful. The experienced and qualified team at Fox Mowing consults with you to understand your requirements and comes up with innovative garden design and landscape designs that are not only practical but also pleasing to the eye.

A good garden design combines themes, colours and design features in an innovative manner resulting in a friendly and warm setting to your outdoor areas. Neatly growing plants organised in straight lines are the main focus in a contemporary garden. On the other hand, modern gardens that must complement the minimalist structure of the modern day buildings creates an impression of starkness and rigidity.

Apart from creating a great outdoor environment, residential gardens are meant to be a space for relaxing, entertaining and a play area for children. As such, your garden landscape design must not be too formal – a natural planting style gives a sense of liveliness and warmth

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4 Areas of a Beautiful Yard

Spring is in the air, and people are thinking about their yards. Some homeowners are excited to get out there and be one with nature, while others are dreading coming out of winter hibernation, firing up that lawnmower, and sweating off a quarter of their body weight in under an hour. Whichever of the two groups you belong to, landscaping companies in Duluth are a good bet for creating and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. Here are a few basic yard components that are sure to make any yard stand out.


Flowers add color and interest to the landscape of your home. There are so many different varieties of flowers to plant, you are sure to find something that catches your eye. Essentially, there are two main types of flowers. Annuals need to be re-planted each year. Typically, they are meant to fill bare spots in the flowerbed and to add splashes of vibrant colors during the growing season. Perennials come back year after year and tend to spread out. These are great because you don’t have to spend time and money replacing them each year. Nonetheless, both kinds of flowers still need to be trimmed up and maintained either by the homeowner or a yard crew.


While some people like flower gardens, many enjoy having a vegetable and herb garden in their yards. These gardens can add a lot of visual interest as well as practicality to your property. Homeowners often find working outside and tending to a garden therapeutic. They

Successful Xeriscape landscaping

Periwinkle ground cover

Successful Xeriscape landscaping incorporates three key principles: drought-resistance, tolerance of a variety of soil types and hardy, native plants. These three factors support a wide range of landscaping ideas, six of which are presented to spark your creativity.

Six Xeriscape Landscaping Ideas

1. Beneficial and Aesthetic Wildlife Garden Design

Many Xeriscape plants are beloved by butterflies who feast on the nectar of the tiny flowers. Among these are the Autumn Joy variety of stonecrop, bluebeard, and coreopsis. The dark heads of coneflowers will draw dazzling goldfinches to your garden. Lamb’s ear, on the other hand, will prove helpful in keeping deer away from your Xeriscape garden. The soft fuzzy texture of the leaves is reportedly repellent to deer.

2. Traditional Row Design

Xeriscapes can be laid out in traditional rows, with tallest plants at the back, intermediate height plants in a center row, and a short-growing type in the front. Alternate the rows with grasses, shrubs and flowering plants. Leave room between for sunlight to reach the stalks and leaves, but shade the roots.

3. Clump and Scatter Design

On a site that gets full sun, group the plants that love the light. Place bluebeard in the center of a circle. Orbit it with Hosta and edge with a low grass like blue fescue.

In shade areas that are hard to get grass to grow, Periwinkle is an excellent choice.  Springtime blooms and year round evergreen ground cover.

4. Rock Garden Design

Xeriscape landscaping also complements a rock garden. Plant the least thirsty on the highest terrace or

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Get lost in the beauty of China`s classic gardens

Suzhou, famous for the elegant landscape gardens, is a popular tourist destination in China. The landscape gardens show Chinese unique architectural style. Besides, there are several water towns near Suzhou. The tranquil village, bridge, river and people get along harmoniously with each other. Here, visitors may feel that time stops.

The Lingering Garden: It is one of Suzhou’s four most famous gardens. The garden used to be the private residence of a very rich merchant. It is so huge and so beautiful and extravagant. In this garden, there are full of people wearing Tang Dynasty style clothing and playing musical instrument, such as Pipa and Sanxian. They do that simply for the enjoyment of visitors. It really made the garden come alive. The cool thing about these Suzhou gardens is that they are designed so that visitors can only see what the creators intended them to see at any given moment. As soon as you turn a corner a whole new scene opens up and visitors are rewarded with scenes more splendid than the one they were just in. The Lingering Garden was filled with small hills, rockeries, caves, paths, pavilions and much more. How wonderful it is!

The Pan Gate: It is one of the two remaining ancient gates in Suzhou, and the only remaining water gate in China. The area originally had a temple, and only the pagoda is left from it now. The pagoda is well over a thousand years old and quite beautiful. The entire area has been

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Time To Upgrade Your Garden With Stylish Furnitures

On the other hand, opening your greenery enclosure to individuals requires more than simply brilliant plants and sublime scenes. What you truly need is open air furniture like greenery enclosure seats and yard furniture to give spots to individuals to sit and unwind while getting a charge out of the glorious feeling and landscape. Yet, don’t simply put any outside furniture, rather, pick the best open air furniture that suits your style and the greenery enclosure too.

To give you a few thoughts on the best way to pick the privilege open air furniture for your greenery enclosure, here are a few tips-

The main thing you ought to consider is when picking a garden outdoor furniture, which is the thing that will provide the particular sort of utilization for your garden. Is it intended to be an unwinding place only for you? On the other hand is it intended to be your own haven far from bother of the city? On the off chance that is the situation, a snazzy and sturdy loft, which has its own particular stand. Including a little garden table where you can put your beverage or book while getting a charge out of nature or sleeping is basically awesome.

Another radiant idea is making an eating outdoors in your beautiful garden. In this setting, you ought to be picking open air furniture that incorporates yard or your garden table and seats. From lovely white-painted French furniture styles to exquisite glass and wood eating sets complete with parasol

12 Basics You Should Know About Landscape Gardening Apprentices

We will go into the purpose behind taking up and completing apprenticeship in landscape gardening in this article. We will also detail the requirements for taking up landscaping professionally.

What to expect after completing apprenticeship in landscape gardening?

If you look around, you will find many amateur landscapers that take up small time commercial or residential landscaping projects. They are also professionals in their own capacity, however, are not considered as qualified landscape architects.

One needs to undergo an extensive degree program to specialize in landscaping, and post-completion he/she is considered a certified landscape architect qualified to take up any huge commercial or public project. One can also opt for apprenticeship in landscape gardening to qualify for professional certification.

No Easy Task

Please be aware that finishing an apprenticeship in landscape gardening is no easy affair. The landscape apprentice is always a working landscaper and is usually assigned most dirtiest and difficult tasks involved in landscaping. This is to help the apprentice learn about the art from all the perspectives from start till the end.

It is quite normal for an apprentice to be seen digging holes, lifting heavy equipments, indulging in severe physical labor irrespective of weather conditions and handling all types of chemicals on the field. There is no better way for a landscaper to improve his art than getting down to the nitty-gritty of each manual task. He/she must also be efficient in mathematical calculations and possess good eyesight necessary to operate the landscaping machines.


1. The apprenticeship in landscape gardening covers various terrains

Beautiful Landscapes: A Necessity for Every House

A house buyer shells out huge sums of money to buy his dream house, doing the interiors, furnishing the house, getting the accessories but is this all enough to complete an abode? How about extending the house décor to its exteriors?

Small efforts to deck up the exteriors can do wonders to glam up a house. And exteriors don’t just mean building a magnificent porch, having an elegant entrance, huge gates or expansive garden areas. Landscaping the open areas will give the much required uplift to the exteriors and rest of the elements will just appear like add-on to the overall outlook of the house. Yes, landscaping Coventryis the buzz word for house owners nowadays.

Artificial Grass Coventry  takes care of all open areas and puts them to best use while also beautifying the entire space. Depending upon the area available and also how a house owner wants to utilize the available space, one can accommodate utilities like parking, drive way, swimming pools, garden areas and green backyards. DTML Landscape is a pioneer in landscaping and has been working around the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Staffordshire regions, offering its expert advice on how to utilize the open areas around a house. Their dedicated professionals offer customized advice to each client after assessing the given area and how landscaping can spruce up the given zone.

Landscaping Coventry is not just necessary for appealing exteriors. The open area around your house – however large or small – can be carved out neatly and put to best

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Three Dependable Landscape Plants for Fast Privacy Screens in Dry Gardens

Many people are rediscovering the joys of staying home and taking ‘staycations’. Your garden can become the perfect place to provide a peaceful sanctuary to escape from the world and unwind. Screen plants can provide privacy in your garden, hide an unsightly area and provide shade. Hopseed Bush, Brush Cherry and Italian Cypress are three shrubs or small trees that are useful for screens, grow fast or are drought tolerant. Some plants have all three qualities!

When creating your backyard paradise these screening shrubs can also help create ‘walls’ to establish separate sections in a garden, so you can create different ‘garden rooms’ in your yard. Two of these are also good for planting in narrow spaces between houses to help block out the world. Try these versatile plants in your Patch of Heaven:

HOPSEED BUSH (Dodonaea viscosa)
USDA Zone: 9-11
Sunset Zone: 7-24
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Moderate to low, drought tolerant

Hop Seed bushes come with leaves in either bright, lime green or dark purple. Both versions have leaves about 4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide and are very shiny on multiple shrubby branches. These drought tolerant shrubs are fast growers to about 10 feet tall and almost as wide. They take full sun to part shade. Once established in the garden (1-2 years) they can survive on rainfall alone.

Hopseed bushes have a growth habit that is a bit airy, with lots of small branches and the long leaves add to the lacy feel. They can be

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